Basement Floor Tiles That Will Last For Decades

Just a small sample of porcelain tiles suitable for basementsConverting a basement into family space can be a difficult task, especially if there is little in the way of natural lighting. Humidity can also be a big problem if there is no natural ventilation and this can be made worse if your basement is subjected to occasional flooding. Where possible, it’s obviously wiser to do everything possible to prevent flooding before converting your basement, however, water-resistant tiles can at least be used on walls and floors and will suffer little long-term damage should there be a minor flood.

Of course, that last statement can only be supported if the correct tiles have been chosen and they have been installed correctly. Miss out on either of those two points and you could still run into difficulties.  Porcelain tiles are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for use on both walls and floors. Porcelain tiles are also water resistant, and with the right grouting they can deliver a finish that will handle damp conditions.

Other options include ceramic tiles, granite tiles, and for areas that are damp and not overly wet, slate tiles. The real key to successfully using these tiles in the basement is the base that the tile is going to sit on, the adhesive used under the tiles, and the grouting used between the tiles. In some cases, it is advisable to seal over the top of your installed tiles – this creates a secondary barrier to any dampness.

Before installing tiles into a basement, seek advice from a tile expert. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can sit down with you to design your basement tile floor. We can also help you select the right wall tiles for your basement. More importantly, we can help you select the tiles that are most appropriate for the conditions -tiles that will not only look good but will last for years.