Reinvent Your Backyard Space By Installing A Natural Stone Tiled Patio

Natural stone tiles have a wide rang eof uses o backueardsKids growing up and no longer using the backyard as play space? Reinvent it. It’s not that difficult to turn empty space into a great outdoor entertainment area, and you can do it bit by bit if time and/or finances are limited. Your first step is to create a design on paper (or computer these days), then to decide on your materials. Natural stone tiles are a great choice for a number of reasons.

When designing an outdoor patio, your aim should be to use materials that are durable and weather-resistant. Natural stone tiles will satisfy that requirement with ease, although you will still need to be cautious as to which natural stone tiles you use. Slate is a great tile as it is weather-resistant, very durable, and has non-slip properties. Just be sure the tiles you select are for outdoor use – like all natural stone tiles, there are different grades when it comes to quality and finish.

Although most people look at natural stone tiles as flooring options, you are not limited to that floor. You can use natural stone tiles on walls, around barbecues, and even as retaining walls if you want a rustic look. Slate and granite tiles are a good option there – they stack well and that rough-and-ready finish looks fantastic.

Rather than letting your backyard space go to waste, come and talk to us at Éco Dépôt. We can help you redesign your backyard by creating a warm and inviting entertainment area using outdoor tiles that you will be proud to show off to friends and family.