Best All Weather Patio Tile Flooring

The range of all weather outdoor floor tilingWhen it comes to patios, you really do need to consider the environment. Is the patio covered and protected from sun and rain? Is the patio subject to snow, frosts or direct sunlight? You also need to consider the surroundings — for example, swimming pools, gravel walkways and loose sand or dirt. These will all have an effect on your patio’s flooring, although there are some flooring options that will survive most of these conditions.

Your choice of patio tile flooring includes granite, slate and porcelain whilst travertine, marble and ceramic can be used if there is some protection. Slate tiles are a good all-weather tile, however, you may notice a little chipping if your tiles are subject to severe frosts on a regular basis. Granite and porcelain floor tiles are hard wearing, will stand up to the harsh treatment, and are generally water-resistant. These tiles are also available with textured finishes that make them less slippery.

If your patio does suffer from weather extremes, then you should discuss your patio flooring plans with a tile expert. They will help you assess your environment then select the floor tiles that are most appropriate. In most situations, you won’t go far wrong selecting from the range of porcelain or granite floor tiles.

The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can show you a large range of floor tiles that are well suited to outdoor use, including patios. With three showrooms in Montreal, our display range of tiles is second to none. If we can’t find an outdoor floor tile to suit your needs, we doubt you’ll ever find one – but then, we’ve never disappointed a customer when it comes to solving floor tiling projects.