Add The Sparkle Of Glass Mosaic Tile To Your Home

glass mosaic tilesGlass mosaic tile is a versatile, creative material to use in your home or business. This is because it comes in every color one could imagine and in every shape one could use in installation. It is an excellent choice for an accent wall, decorative border, or design detail. Here are a few of the faces of glass mosaic:

  • Byzantine or smalti — textured, colorful tiles that usually are small in size
  • Frosted — not quite opaque, a translucent beach-glass effect
  • Clear — like still, pure water over whatever it covers
  • Bubble — the clear water effect carbonated like champagne
  • Crystal — facets sparkle like jewels
  • Slumped — the glass melts into puddled contours
  • Cast — layered chunks of glass melted into a mold
  • Sintered — glass powder heated in dies until it fuses

Each one of these types of glass mosaic tile will look differently in the same color or shape because the process changes the look of the tile. You can add the level of sparkle your application needs by carefully considering the room and the amount of light available. For instance, an entire wall of crystal tiles will overwhelm anything else in the room, but a line of the same tiles will highlight your decor and enhance the space.

In a shower, a few metallics mixed with duller frosted and textured slumped tiles in a neutral color bring the space to life despite the fact all those tiles are a similar color. Choosing to lay the tiles in a vertical orientation will bring falling water to mind even when the shower is not in use.

Glass brings a luminous, reflective quality to floors and walls: it adds sparkle however you choose to use it. For an excellent selection of glass mosaic wall and floor tile in Montreal, come in to Éco Dépôt and discuss your project with one of our expert advisors. We can help you decide the best way to add the sparkle of glass mosaic to your home.