Add Some Pizazz To Your Basement Floor

basement floor tilesBasements can often be boring. They are typically constructed of concrete, and when you walk into your basement you see nothing but hard rock. It’s unattractive and uncomfortable to walk on. If you make use of your basement on a regular basis, then you’ll want spiff it up a bit. One way to do that is to add suitable flooring. Here are some tips for adding flooring to your basement.

  • First and foremost, you should understand that basements are often moist, damp places. They are also subject to flooding or high moisture. Any floor you lay must be able to stand up against this moisture on a long-term basis.
  • You must also protect your basement floor from mold and mildew. Because it gets moist in the basement, mold and mildew can form fast. That means you need an adhesive that can withstand the environment.
  • It’s not easy to make a basement look attractive, but it can be done. The right flooring is key.

The best options for an attractive tile that can withstand moisture over the long haul include granite, ceramic, marble and vinyl. Vinyl is synthetic and stands up well to moisture. It can be made to look like concrete or wood, but it’s not the real thing. Marble is expensive but looks good. Granite and ceramic are less expensive alternatives.

An Eco Depot representative can help you find the right tile for your basement floor. Call or stop in for a consultation.