Add Some Color To Your Basement

granite tiles for your Montreal basementOrdinarily, basements are rather boring. You likely have a concrete flooring, standard for most basements. Unless you tile it or lay a wood covering over the concrete, that’s the way it will stay.

But what if you make heavy use of your basement?

Some people use their basement as an extended pantry. They keep their canned goods and prepared vegetables or other food stuffs down there. It’s a good choice because basements are generally cooler than the rest of the house.

Other people turn their basements into rooms or extended versions of their homes.

As the family grows, so does the home. You need an extra bedroom? Convert the basement. Looking for a great place to entertain guests? How about the basement? But you want it to look like a part of the house, not some ratty basement. So add some color.

One way to add color to the basement is to lay some floor tile. But what kind of tile should you lay?

It depends on the look you want your basement to have. Granite, marble, and ceramic are all good tiles to lay in the basement, but the price difference is quite large. Ceramic is more inexpensive but has its drawbacks. Marble is the more luxurious choice. Granite is a natural stone that looks nice and is hard, so it’s long-lasting.

You likely want to match your basement floor to the rest of your house. That doesn’t mean you’ll lay the same type of floor. It means you want it to look like it fits in, as if you were adding another room to the main portion of the house.

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