Add Ambiance With Water And Tile

office tile flooringAn office lobby is sometimes a dreary place to wait but water features are becoming very popular ways to combat that dreariness. It is not difficult to add many types of water features, either, but you always will need a suitable surface for the water to contact and that is generally going to be tile.

Imagine a simple water wall, a sheet of trickling water flowing over iridescent glass mosaic tiles into a narrow bed of river rock and the reservoir that pumps it up to the top. The flow of water adds a quiet sense of life to a dead space. Visitors are not overwhelmed, but they are attracted and calmed by the gentle sound. There’s no pool to play in at the bottom, just the water moving across colors that accent your business. The logo and title could even be part of the feature, with a subtle spotlight highlighting your name.

That same idea would give an entirely different aura if the tiles were stacked slate. There’d be more noise as the water moved in different patterns, and a feeling of being outdoors might be encouraged by adding plants like ferns.

Some businesses like the addition of a basin and fish, others do not want to deal with the maintenance this would add to the room. There are many styles of water feature suitable for an office environment and it has been shown that this does reduce stress and add much to that office. The most impressive water features will use tile that enhances the beauty of the unit and adds ambiance to the room.

Éco Dépôt Céramique has a lot of possibilities for a custom water feature’s tiles. Come into our showroom and discuss your project, whether you need a water accent or new office tile flooring. We will have the best tiles available in Montreal.