A Perfect Spot For Luxury Tile

luxury tilesIs there a particular tile that you really love but can’t afford to lay in a regular-sized room? There’s a great place to put it — the powder room. These tiny rooms, holding only a sink and toilet, can be luxurious spots of personality that would be overwhelming and expensive in the rest of the house.

Metallic tiles, shimmering glass mosaics, bright colors, cool marbles, and more, work wonderfully in a powder room. The small size of the floor means fewer tiles, and cost can be reduced further by using the luxury tile as an accent border. Even walls and backsplashes do not require extensive amounts of tile, while the choice of colors can be whatever makes you happy.

Our imported vanities can add to that luxurious touch with rich cabinetry in the smaller size the room requires. All in all, the powder room is able to be like a jewel box in your home and does not need to “match” anything but your personality. It’s fun to have that zest of a different ambiance in one part of the home, as long as it is an ambiance that pleases you.

If you are planning to renovate your existing powder room, or add one to your home, then come in to Éco Dépôt Céramique to see the bathroom tile selections we carry. Don’t be afraid to consider the luxury tiles because you will need fewer for the installation and will be pleased to see how that affects your budget. While you are here, look at the many styles of imported bathroom vanities we display in our showrooms and discuss your project with one of our designers. We can help you make your powder room a jewel of a spot that you will love.