5 Tips For Upgrading Your Porch Floor With Tile

porch tileMany homeowners have decided that their ordinary concrete porch floor needs something to bring them to life. It would be nice if that something would also bring added value to their property; one good solution is adding tile to the floor.

In most cases, laying tile over concrete on a porch is well within the experienced do-it-yourselfer. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Pick a tile that will not absorb water. In Canada’s climate you know there will be freezing and thawing so choose tile that can handle the changes.
  2. Choose tile that is slip-resistant. Assume people will walk on it when it is wet.
  3. Take note of sun and shade patterns on the floor and avoid tile that will fade unevenly in that one consistently sunny spot.
  4. Prepare the concrete carefully. Follow the recommendations of the experts so that full bonding occurs between base and tile.
  5. Only consider high quality tile from a reputable dealer. You want to take pride in this project for years to come.

When you visit our showrooms to look at outdoor tile flooring in Montreal, some of these requirements have already been met. We will not suggest an outdoor tile that is unsuitable for this climate. We have the experience and the reputation to trust when it comes to selecting tile for your porch.

Speak to one of the expert advisors as you examine the outdoor tile flooring displayed. Consider the general style of your home and harmonize with what you already have. The result will be a tiled porch floor that adds value to your property, true, but it also will add pleasure to your use of the porch. Come in today to see what you can do with our tile!