3 Ways Your Floor Affects Your Customers

floor tileThe floor of a retail establishment does more than provide a surface to walk on. It is the foundation of the customer experience because that experience happens in context of the way they are able to navigate the store, the way they feel when in the store, and the impression they have of the store. Choosing tile flooring for that store affects all three areas.

  1. Tile is easy to configure in lanes or zones, providing visual clues about how one can move through the store.
  2. Tile that is light in color will reflect light, providing a sense of safety and openness. It can be selected in finishes that lessen the chance of slipping, even when wet. It is easy to keep clean, something customers prefer.
  3. Tile is one of the best ways to individualize the look of your retail store for exactly the ambiance you are after. The many forms of tile translate into a floor that says what you want it to say to your customers.

For instance, imagine a small boutique with a misty grey tile in cool tones. It might be marble, or porcelain, or even granite. Scattered throughout the cloudy tiles are gems of opalescent glass mosaic; some coalesce into borders leading to the register, or the office, or the restrooms. Clothing in the current trending colors is accented by the sparkling glass accents beneath your feet.

A different boutique, one for gourmet foods, may choose a tile floor in earthy reddish browns with occasional borders of their signature label’s color scheme. The floor is a subtle reminder of the brand.

Whatever type of retail tile flooring in Montreal you are interested in, Éco Dépôt will have a good selection and expert advice for your project. Come in today and see what is available!