3 Tips For Working With Natural Stone Tile

natural stone tilesNatural stone is one of the most popular products at Éco Dépôt, probably because it has all the appeal of modern design along with the classic beauty of nature. We carry a wide variety of natural stone tiles and can provide the perfect one for your home or business, whether you want a rugged look or a polished surface.

No matter the type of natural stone, there are three things that should be kept in mind:

  1. Because this tile is cut from the earth in a quarry, it will have unique variations in color and other characteristics. It will be difficult to exactly match in future repairs unless extra tile was purchased at installation. It also should be laid out in place and rearranged until you like the way it looks before the final tile setting occurs.
  2. Each type of natural stone tile is slightly different, so installation techniques and cutting will vary accordingly. If you are doing this installation yourself, make sure you understand what the particular type of technique will entail. Most tile cutting equipment is available to rent, but you should understand exactly how to use it and take proper safety precautions.
  3. Grout and sealants will also vary according to the type of natural stone tile you choose. A porous stone, for instance, will be a trap for grout if not handled correctly. Do your homework so you know the procedures that are recommended for your natural stone tile and follow them. Drying times, for instance, are essential for the success of the project.

The highly-trained advisors at Éco Dépôt Céramique know the natural stone tile for sale in our Montreal showrooms and can answer your questions when you come in to look at the possibilities for your next project.