3 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Backsplash Tile

kitchen tileOne of the most effective uses of tile in the kitchen is the backsplash, that wall between the counters and the cupboard where a lot of things actually do splash during kitchen activity. Because it is a working surface, it needs to be easy to clean, durable, and something you love to see.

The kitchen backsplash needs to be easily cleaned of anything that is in the kitchen; grease, foods, ingredients during a mixer eruption, etc. The combination of steam, grease, and grime make a characteristic “kitchen gunk” on surfaces near the stove. Tile that has a smooth, glassy surface will clean much better than a porous, pitted surface with crevices that trap dirt. Sealing a porous surface will help, and grout should be sealed, too. Take home a few samples to get grimy for an experiment in getting that grime off. Think jelly that has dried, tomato sauce, and coffee. Let it sit (or even bake in a low-temperature oven for a few minutes) until it is hard, then clean it while it is up against the current backsplash to see what this tile will be like to maintain once it is on the wall.

Durability is important in a backsplash because it gets cleaned so often, using harsher chemicals and scrubbing to get the tile and grout clean after a period of heavy use. Kitchens are workplaces, they will get dirty and the surfaces must hold up under maintenance.

Finally, that kitchen backsplash should be something you love to see because being surrounded by beauty affects our attitude. It is much more enjoyable to clean a tiled backsplash that you love, and loving the way your kitchen looks makes even routine chores a delight. You use your kitchen every day; it should be a space that brings you pleasure.

Kitchen tile in our Montreal showrooms includes many options for the backsplash, from manufactured ceramics, porcelains, and glass mosaics to tiles cut from natural stone. Éco Dépôt Céramique has been providing all kinds of tile to the surrounding area for over forty years and we pay attention to the quality of our products. Come in to see how a new tile backsplash could change the way you view your kitchen and the work you do there.