3 Essential Tips For Choosing Bathroom Vanities

Vanity tilesThe bathroom vanity is more than the cabinet that hides the plumbing under the sink. Without getting into what it actually looks like, in general there are three essentials:

Placement should be thought through carefully. Plumbing and electricity go in early, and if you are simply replacing the vanity, that part is already determined. Still, think about access, how the vanity will work when doors are opened, and what this will be like to keep clean. You really don’t want to have to stand in the bathtub in order to open the cabinet door and get the extra toilet paper.

Construction is important because the bathroom vanity has to hold up under hot, wet, steamy conditions. The materials used, the finish, and the design will make a big difference in how happy you will be with this piece after it has been used every day for a few years.

Storage should be kept in mind when selecting a vanity. How much do you actually need to store in it? What kind of things have to be stored in it? How many people use it? Are you keeping things in the vanity that really could go someplace else? This might be a good time to consider alternate towel storage, like the popular spa look with shelves full of rolled bath towels. You could even eliminate some items if they have no real reason to be there.

Éco Dépôt carries a wide selection of imported bathroom vanities in our Montreal showrooms. Every single one is carefully curated to be a high-quality piece that will be an asset when the storage and placement needs are met in a particular installation. Once you know where you want it and what you need to keep in it, it’s a lot easier to pick one in the style you love. The Éco Dépôt designers can help you with any questions you may have, and you will be pleased with the new bathroom vanity you choose.