3 Things To Consider When Selecting Commercial Floor Tiles

Is your business in the market for new commercial floor tile? Not all tile works well in every setting, and you may have specific needs for your workplace. Before you order tile for a commercial space, think about these three tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Durability

An office with a small staff does not require the same level of durability as a busy location with high traffic areas. Look for floor tile that can stand up to wear and tear, such as a porcelain or slate tile. Don’t forget to check the PEI rating, which indicates the hardness of the material on a scale of one to five, with five being the sturdiest.

2. Safety

The last thing any commercial enterprise needs is a liability underfoot. Shiny, smooth tile makes slips and falls a possibility. Stick with a textured tile such as vinyl or coarse stone to keep your employees and customers safe. Ask about a non-slip sealant as well, which can provide another solution.

3. Appearance

Choosing tile can be a challenge with so many options. Before you feel overwhelmed, narrow your selection with sleek tile that has a timeless look rather than a trendy option that may feel dated in a year or two.

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