3 Reasons Why Porcelain Is Perfect

porcelain tileA porcelain floor tile is often the perfect choice for homeowners because it provides the look that they are seeking along with the advantages of versatility, durability, and affordability.


Porcelain can be manufactured to imitate many other types of flooring, from the pearly tones of driftwood to the elegance of marble. There are many variations of porcelain tile and some are inspired by nature while others are the dream of a designer brought to life. This versatility means that there will be a porcelain floor tile that is suitable for any decor.


The same characteristics that make porcelain a choice for bathroom fixtures makes porcelain a good choice for floors. It is harder and more dense than ceramic floor tiles, resisting scratches and holding up to heavy traffic. The density makes porcelain resistant to moisture and stains, creating a strong, durable floor that is easy to maintain.


Porcelain is often less expensive than a similar tile like marble yet it can provide the same overall appearance to a room. Maintenance is generally less expensive, too. Installation costs will vary depending on the type of tile chosen but porcelain generally will require less infrastructure than the heavier natural stone tiles.

Ask The Experts

When you come in to the showrooms to see porcelain tile for sale in Montreal, there will be experts in every location able to answer your questions about the tile you are considering. Be sure to ask about the required maintenance and installation needs when figuring the budget for your project.

While you are at it, ask to see the entire range of possibilities available in porcelain. You will be happy to see what is possible with this perfect tile.