3 Good Things About Tile On Retail Floors

retail floor tilesWhen a retailer is designing their store, a lot goes into the process. The type of products being sold, how those products are displayed and stocked, the customer experience as they move through the store, and many other things are all carefully considered before the final decision is made. Flooring is a big part of what should be considered, because the floor is the base for all the activity in the store.

Tile for retail floors is an excellent choice, as long as the tile is commercial-grade and installed correctly. If this is the case, these are a few of the benefits:

  1. Tile will last longer than carpet, vinyl, or wood and look good doing it. It holds up to stock trolleys, heavy traffic, and other abuse.
  2. Tile can be a paler color, reflecting light and enhancing the products sold because it is easily cleaned and will not stain. Maintenance is less burdensome.
  3. Tile is fire-resistant and inert. It will not produce weird smells when new and potentially lowers your insurance premiums because it is not combustible.

Éco Dépôt carries both residential and commercial grade floor tiles, and the difference is in the expected level of traffic/wear the floor will be subject to. Retail tile flooring is an important part of the package for a store, because you don’t want to be closing down to renovate worn flooring. When you discuss your project with our expert designers, they can show you the flooring that will hold up to the expected traffic in your store. An expertly installed commercial-grade tile floor will be an asset to your business for years.