3 Great Glass Mosaic Tile Projects

glass mosaic tileGlass mosaic tile from Éco Dépôt Céramique is a good choice for a floor or a wall, because it combines the translucent depth of glass over a wonderful variety of color and design. That glass provides a sparkle and luminosity to any surface it covers, as well as the non-porous quality that makes glass mosaic perfect for high-moisture environments like kitchens and bathrooms when properly installed.

But glass mosaic tile can be a perfect first step into the world of do-it-yourself, because it is easy to do smaller projects with it. Here are three great glass mosaic projects for the home:

A good beginning project for children is creating coasters into a work of art by attaching glass mosaic tiles to small boards in your choice of color and design. Lay it out, glue it on, add the grout, and you have a masterpiece. The smaller size means it can be a family project with each member creating part of the final set. Glue felt pads to the bottom to finish your coasters off.

A mirror with a wide, flat frame is easy to change into a unique statement piece for your wall by using the same method on the space surrounding the mirror. The glass tiles around the mirror add to the sparkle and depth. Be sure to weigh your finished mirror before hanging, so you provide adequate support.

A larger project with a dramatic effect is doing just the wall behind the stove in glass mosaic tiles. Some prefer to do this as a separate unit that is then attached, others like to do it on the wall to get a feel for what will be involved with a bigger project. Either way, the beautiful shimmer of glass in the light of your stove’s hood will stay beautiful no matter what gets splashed on it because the glass is easily cleaned.

Our Montreal showrooms carry a great selection of glass mosaic wall and floor tile. These smaller projects are a good way to start exploring the world of tile, and they can be a good way to add touches of a more expensive tile that you think you love without investing in a lot of money. You can live with the smaller pieces for a while, get an idea of what you may want to do elsewhere in your home, and gain the confidence that you can do it with tile.