3 Advantages of Tile in Your Kitchen

kitchen wall tilesTile in the kitchen is a logical idea that has always had enthusiastic proponents. From the reddish-brown quarry tiles of Mexican kitchens to the cheerful blue and white Delft tiles in Dutch kitchens and on to the rainbow of Moroccan tiles loved by Mediterranean cooks — kitchen tile is found all over the world. Why?

  1. Kitchens are steamy, greasy places that leave a unique film over every surface. A glazed tile surface is impervious to water, steam, grease, and the cleaning solutions that take off the grime that accumulates here.
  2. Kitchens are used constantly, as often as food is prepared at home. If eating out, that restaurant kitchen probably has tile because it holds up to heavy traffic and abuse.
  3. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and we love to express ourselves by preparing and serving delicious food to those we love. When the kitchen is also a reflection of our personality, it is a joy to be there. Tile comes in every style and color, making it easy to create the kitchen that you love.

It would be impossible to completely describe all the kitchen wall and floor tiles in our three Montreal showrooms. There are porcelain and ceramic tiles manufactured in designs that mimic nature and designs that came from artist’s imaginations. There are natural stone tiles, hewn from the depths of the earth, cut, and finished into beautiful flooring. There are glass mosaic tiles, sparkling with color and gloss.

Each tile in our showroom has been carefully curated so that only the best are offered to our customers. Come in to see what is possible in your kitchen with Éco Dépôt.