Why Does The Cut Make A Difference With Travertine?

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When you come into the showrooms at Éco Dépôt to look at travertine tile, there will be some distinct differences in the patterns the stone displays. This is because of the way that travertine is formed in the earth and then cut in the quarrying process. The Formation of Travertine (more…)

The Most Important Thing About Slate

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Slate has been used as a building material for centuries. Look around at historic buildings in Montreal and you will probably see slate tiles on the roof. Usually, a slate roof will last the life of the building, but occasionally one or two tiles are damaged somehow and building owners were talked into replacing the...

Eco-Conscious Office Tile

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Many offices are choosing hard-surfaced tile flooring because it is a practical, attractive option that also has ecological advantages over carpet. As companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint, being able to point to choices that are made in their building design proves their commitment to the future. (more…)