2014 Bathroom Trends

imported bathroom tileHome decor has trends, just as other industries do. The bathroom is no exception! Here is a quick look at the trends to expect in the coming year:

Many designers are creating spa-like bathrooms for homeowners who want a relaxing getaway spot in their own house. This trend is seen in cabinetry that looks like furniture, clean lines, and Japanese minimalist looks. Color schemes are monochromatic and grey is a popular choice. Tiles are either nature-inspired or glass and the feeling created is one of spaciousness.

High-tech touches like heated floors, music, lighting, motion-triggered faucets and smart showers create a custom experience. Curbless showers with built-in benches, walk-in tubs, or stand-alone soaking tubs all add to the sense of luxury.

Vanities are part of the look, with elegant open shelving for an attractive display of towels and accessories.  Many will have storage options like pull-out shelves, heat-proof storage for hot hair devices, and space for laundry hampers. Some of the new over-the-sink cabinets have deeper shelves, outlets behind the mirror, and even a cooler for organic cosmetics or drinks!

Many families are choosing double or separate vanities to make sharing the space while getting ready for the day easier. As the trend for multi-generational homes grows, the need for bathrooms that are accessible for a variety of ages and abilities grows, too.

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