Remodeling your bathroom can be a great way to add some Bathroom Vanitiesreal character to your home and raise its overall value. Yet when it comes to bathroom remodels, far too many homeowners make the mistake of going conservative. Your bathroom is meant to be an oasis where you can feel comfortable, plus it’s the one room in the house you typically least want guests to see, yet you know that ultimately, they’ll have to. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want to make a design statement with its renovation? Fortunately, pieces such as modern bathroom vanities or sleek- looking ceramic tiles allow you to give it a hint of contemporary flair.

Create a Contemporary Look on Your Own

Upgrading your bathroom to a contemporary look doesn’t require the assistance of an interior designer; on the contrary, you can achieve this look easily on your own by following a few simple design tips:

•Go for clean lines: Incorporating a monochromatic color scheme with light tones and visible lines like those you get with vein-cut travertine creates a very relaxing atmosphere. While travertine may not fit into your budget, ceramic tiles can create the same look.

•Create contrast: Using a lighter tone with your paint and flooring and then contrasting it with a much darker tone with your vanity creates a very stylish look. It also helps to make your vanity the focal point of the space.

•Take the vanity off the ground: Floating vanities have become much more popular in recent years, and for good reason: the look absolutely terrific and give your bathroom a truly unique feel. Want the ultimate accent piece? Top off your floating vanity with a vessel sink.

Making the decision to include a contemporary bathroom design as part of your home renovations might be the best design decision that you’ll ever make. Yet achieving that look is only possible if you have the right pieces in order to convey it. Eco Depot has one of the largest selection of quality bathroom products in the region. No matter the look you’re trying to achieve, we’ve got everything you need to get there. Stop by any of our three stores in Montreal, Laval, or South Shore and see for yourself.

Faux wood flooring is becoming a very popular flooring option Imitation woodamongst Montreal, Laval and South Shore businesses, as these wood-like floor tiles are a very impressive alternative to traditional wood floors. The air of sophistication your office space projects is of exceptional importance and there is no reason to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for practicality. At Eco Depot, we also believe the converse is true, that there is no reason to sacrifice practicality for aesthetic appeal. With porcelain tiles that look like wood, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Combine Practicality With Aesthetic Appeal

There is absolutely no doubt that people are drawn to wood flooring, and it is undeniable that flooring is one of the foremost considerations when it comes to office remodeling projects. Unfortunately, many offices that would prefer the appeal of wood choose another material due to durability and maintenance issues. Using porcelain as a flooring material provides the practicality so many offices are looking for while also delivering on the aesthetic appeal that draws so many compliments from visitors and employees alike.

Make Flooring Changes Today

If you are looking for a way to combine a porcelain tile and hardwood look, then porcelain materials are for you. Porcelain tiles are so much more than just imitation wood, as the wood look porcelain tile is able to provide the same elegance that is so strongly associated with wood. This material also provides outstanding durability, including resistance to each of the following:

•Changes in temperature

Due to these many qualities, this may be the ideal flooring material for any office interested in improving the appearance of their space without having to deal with additional maintenance requirements. If you would like our assistance, please feel free to contact us in Montreal 514-323-8936 at your earliest convenience. We can discuss the many flooring options that may be available to you, including porcelain tiles that are designed to look just like hardwood flooring.

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